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Wood work

Cabinets, Kitchen, furniture and more.

False ceiling

P.O.P, Wooden, Gypsum and more.


Italian, Marble, Wooden and more.

Wallpaper & Painting

Trendy, Washable, Plastic, and more.

Interior Designing and Execution

Design Consulting
We understand that sometimes a nudge in the right direction makes all the difference. Hence, apart from execution, we offer our expertise and support through and through.
Residential Space Design
We transform your house into a home by bringing in designs that are ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing in nature.
On time Delivery

Decor & Design ensure that you get a great design solution and your projects gets finished in shortest possible time. It is our endevour to constantly create a ‘WoW’ factor for those who live in and those who visit.

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