A staircase’s design may not necessarily receive as much consideration as the rest of the house. A poorly situated staircase, however, might draw in negative energy and drive away any other Vastu principles you may have used in the rest of your house. On the other side, a staircase that is properly built can improve your home’s wealth, health, and peace of mind.

Do not forget to start your stairs from the north or the south, respectively. If you don’t have enough room, you can incorporate a turn to the side. Additionally, spiral, circular, and house-circling staircases are thought to have a negative impact on one’s health or invite disaster. Stairs that are square or rectangular and bend at an angle are perfect.

According to Vastu principles, staircases should be constructed so that you can ascend them either from north to south or from east to west. The opposite way is regarded as being negative.

How Staircase Vastu Shastra Can Benefit Your Home?

The Vastu shastra strongly advises building the staircase carefully since slight flaws in the design may impede the residents’ ability to move around the space. Staircases with poor design can potentially result in accidents.

Vastu-compliant stairs can enhance the home’s energy flow and provide the owners with numerous advantages. It can enhance the lives of the owners and other family members with happiness and success.

What is the significance of staircase Vastu?

Because they connect one floor level to another, stairs are crucial. As a result, they serve as a conduit for the energy of various floors. They make it easier to access floors other than the bottom floor. In other words, the entry to a floor is considered to be where the stairs finish on that floor. As a result, it has effects that are comparable to entrances.

A staircase links the energies of one floor to another, much like a main door does for the interior and external energy of a building. External staircases link the internal energies of a house to its external energies.

Because of how pronounced and obvious their impacts are, staircases are given a lot of consideration in Vastu Shastra. Thus, if a staircase is constructed in accordance with Vastu, the residents will experience incredible prosperity, good health, and inconceivable growth.

On the other side, an incorrectly placed staircase can result in several health problems, a loss of wealth, and mental stress.

Vastu for staircases: Can you build a toilet or kitchen beneath a staircase?

Regarding adding a bathroom or kitchen under a staircase, there are a variety of beliefs. As a last resort, the kitchen can be built under a staircase if there is no other viable choice owing to space restrictions.

Making a kitchen underneath a staircase is generally not a good idea. This is so because the staircase and the kitchen both radiate strong energy within a building. Making them both in the same location may in fact lead to an imbalance of energy fields inside a specific zone.

The Vastu of Internal Staircases

The interior staircase is typically built close to the building or home’s entrance, as we’ve seen most often. However, according to Vastu, it is not the best direction for the inside staircase. The optimal orientation for the internal staircase is toward the southwest corner of the house or structure. However, according to Vastu Shastra, it is also permitted to construct the staircase facing the building’s south or west.

According to Vastu, the steps should always begin in the north and end in the south. However, according to Vastu, there is an alternative staircase direction that starts from the east and heads west.

Vastu for an External Staircase

According to Vastu, building a staircase should be done in the southeast or southwest. While the northeast corner of your home or structure should never be used to install an exterior stairway.

Make sure you are not building a staircase right in front of your entrance gate if you are a landlord renting out the upper story of your home to renters because, according to Vastu Shastra, this causes financial losses.


One of the most frequently ignored locations in your home may be the staircase. Keep in mind, though, that the energies coming from the stairs are very strong. So, when building the staircase in your home, you must pay careful attention to them and adhere to the Vastu principles outlined above. Remember to give the right amount of consideration to the placement of staircases whether building a house or creating a business or showroom using Vastu principles.

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