Carpets & rugs

Rugs for living rooms offer the unique ability to bring all aspects of the room together; yes, these can pull together several colours used in the home. Choose from a variety of carpet colours, materials, and designs from store; Decorative cotton rugs and designer carpets are available online at Decor&Design in Gurgaon. Whether you live alone, with a large family, or somewhere in between, incorporating rugs and living room carpets, bedroom carpet into your space can make a significant difference. Explore our diverse selection of hand-tufted floor carpets and rugs to complete your home’s decor.


Invest In Carpets & Rugs To Enhance The Beauty Of Your Home

There is no such thing as a home without carpeting or area rugs. An interior living space with a carpet instantly looks and feels warmer than one with tile or marble floors. They add colour and style to your home. Your floor is kept clean and free from stains by these mats. Additionally, they make your home look a lot more cozy and comfortable. Area rugs and floor carpets can be placed anywhere in your house – the entrance, living room floor, bedroom floor, or even the kitchen floor. The design looks great everywhere. The luxury of wool carpets is a great addition to homes during winters or monsoons. Brightly patterned jute rugs also add a splash of colour to your home decor theme. Make sure that the carpet for the bedroom you choose complements your flooring and walls.

What Should You Look When Buying Rugs & Carpets For Home?


The rugs are like dressy shoes to complement the outfit in your home. Choosing the right living room rug can make or break the look and feel of your house. Bedroom rugs can harmonize the look of your room and make a statement. So, when buying rugs online, extra care must be taken in choosing the right one. While buying curtains, wallpapers, rugs and floor carpets for home, you should remember these 5 tips:

  1. Make sure the dimensions are accurate. Rugs for your living room should be chosen according to your room’s dimensions, not based on your coffee table or centrepiece. Rugs of the right size will make your room appear more spacious by covering negative space.
  2. Consider choosing a bedroom rug that enhances your room’s aesthetic. If your furnishings are muted, consider a colourful rug that can enhance your ambience. Select the right material and fabric for your rug based on its function and purpose.
  3. Fabrics and materials should be selected based on their function and needs.
  4. Choosing the right rug design depends on its texture. The addition of a staircase can give your home a sense of depth and add an extra element of style.
  5. Choose your ideal rug online based on your budget.



Carpets and rugs serve similar purposes, however, the size of each distinguishes them from their usage histories apart from their design



Rugs were traditionally made of thick, decorative textiles intended as floor coverings or floor mats.

Carpets were used to describe many types of covers, as well as tablecloths, wall hangings, and even bedspreads, until the 19th century.

In recent times, rugs have been referred to as smaller floor coverings.

The carpet is usually a larger floor covering.

Rugs are commonly used to cover a partial or specific area of the floor.

A carpet is frequently stacked to the floor and is usually from wall to wall.


Shop Multiple Colour Rugs & Carpets From Decor & Design


A room’s mood and ambience can be influenced by its colours. It is therefore important to consider things carefully before picking out the right colour for your carpet. Choosing a light-coloured carpet will save you space. Beige or mint green carpeting would provide an airy feel to your space. Colours that are neutral are the most popular. The darker the carpet, the smaller the room appears, making it appear cozier. Don’t forget that the best carpets for the bedroom should complement the decor rather than overpower it. You can find a wide range of carpet prices, depending on your choice and requirements. Decor & Design offers the best services on floor carpet prices. Take your pick from our extensive collection of carpets and rugs, which includes shaggy rugs for the home, Kashmiri carpets, and hand-tufted ones.



Q. Which carpet is best for the home?


Among the carpet materials preferred for active families are nylon, polyester and olefin. You want a material that is durable, stain-resistant and easy to clean if you have children who are constantly running around and getting into things.


Q. What carpet will last the longest?


Among carpet materials, nylon is the most durable. Pet hair and spills are no match for this synthetic fiber material. There is a high foot traffic flow.


Q. How often should carpet be replaced?

 As carpets have changed over time, their lifespan nowadays is between five and fifteen years. Depending on the type of carpet, the carpet cushion, the fibres and the amount of wear and tear the carpet endures, the lifespan of a specific carpet varies.