Top 7 most common painting mistakes that we are guilty of.


Bringing some life to a drab room with new paint is a great way to brighten it up. Paint makes a big difference to the appearance of a room. Despite the many options available for paints and the many ways to make a mistake, it’s impossible not to make a home painting mistake even for the very best painter. However, everyone will make some painting mistakes at least once in their renovation career. To prevent common painting mistakes, Decor & Design found some simple solutions.

Here are some tips for avoiding home painting mistakes 

Ignoring the preparation

It is essential to thoroughly clean the walls before painting – wash them in soapy water, rinse them, and dry them overnight. Remove dust and cobwebs with an old bristle brush before applying tape around door frames, switches, outlets, and skirting. Primer is an essential step before house painting – not only does it cover up stains and colour, but it helps make the paint last. Protect your floors or oversized furniture items with old sheets or clothes. Do not use plastic sheets as they can become slippery.


All of your surfaces are covered in painter’s tape.

You will probably not get perfectly straight lines if you cover all of your trim with tape. Therefore, the most common technique is to use an angled brush to paint the ceiling, baseboards, and corners of a room.


Low-cost tools

Even though you spent a fortune on the paint, you have just purchased average brushes? No way! Invest in applicators rather than paint – the latter is just as important as the former. We know that colours can be pretty expensive, but please don’t cut corners on them. For your walls to be smooth and beautiful, you should use the proper and professional equipment.

As you move the roller, you’re doing so in any direction you like.

Keep it simple! The roller needs only to be pulled in straight vertical lines from the ceiling to the floor. You need more paint if you have to use a lot of force to roll your roller.

There’s no need to wait for the paint to dry before you start painting.

Don’t let dirt or dust contaminate or spill the paint by dumping it into a bucket or paint tray. The bucket, tray, brush, and roller can be wrapped in a plastic bag if you can’t finish the job in one sitting, and they should be kept overnight.

Prioritising paint over fabric

It’s essential to take your wall colour choice seriously; it will set your room’s mood and affect your furniture choices. Choosing a colour before choosing fabrics is one of the biggest mistakes people make; this leaves you at a loss trying to match your materials to your walls. The opposite way around is better for stress-free decorating – now that’s what we’re all about.

Darkness makes you afraid.

A small room is often painted white to emphasise the space, and that dark colours will make the area seem smaller. It is true that dark colours can sometimes make your room appear bigger, but differently. In addition to adding depth and shadowing to your room, dark shades can lead to the appearance of space since they absorb light instead of reflecting it. 

Buying without trying.

Before purchasing large quantities of paint, it’s always a good idea to buy a small amount to test out the colour first. Try painting a large sheet of foam board and moving it around the room so you can see how the light affects it throughout the day. This will help you decide if you want to buy it. Before going to the store, you should know the exact dimensions of the space you plan to paint. By knowing this, you will purchase the right amount of paint and not waste it. Finally, make sure you do not underestimate the amount of work involved. Wait up to 30 days before washing or wiping the walls after painting; this will prolong the life of the colour. Before putting everything back in the room, let the paint dry for at least 24 hours.


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