Presently decorating each and every aspect of a home with trending designs is highly desirable by all. Kitchen is a paramount part of a home and in 2023 the theory of a modular kitchen is going to change exceptionally in terms of thoughts, designs, materials, colours and lights. Kitchens are being designed with the thought to make the best use of available space with a combination of vibrant colours, brighter lights and highly durable materials. Our interior designers are combining the latest designs with available space, shapes and size to present a perfect ,modular kitchen.

Most crucial step while designing is planning the layout of a kitchen because “storage” and “space” are the two major factors which every individual visualizes inwardly while designing a kitchen. A perfect kitchen must include enough shelves, cupboards and pantries so as to avoid disorganization and mix up.

The Colour  

Colour is one of the most important aspects of a component which describes its vibrancy. The right colour of a kitchen makes it more lively and appetizing. Soothing and soft colours like blue, green and purple always creates a cool and peaceful aura for a solitaire moment. Whereas hot and fiery colours like yellow, red, orange characterize with intense emotion which gives a cheerful luxuriant enhancement. 

The Cabinets

Elegant and artistic kitchen cabinets have the power to turn about the interior of the entire kitchen up and down. Kitchen cabinets are designed to make the best use of available space in the kitchen. Mostly used material for kitchen cabinet–

  1. Wood
  2. Plywood
  3. MDF
  5. Particle Board
  6. Stainless Steel


Shiny and Lustrous kitchen cabinets 

Your kitchen cabinet will surely catch the eyes of the others with just a coating of shiny and bright polish. It creates a reflection of lights into the space. We always advise you to choose charismatic colours like white, cherry, royal blue, yellow, wine red, navy blue for a glossy kitchen cabinet design.

Pastel Shades in kitchen cabinets 

The most elegant and soothing neutral colour that will obviously gain the attention of everyone are pastel shades of pink, green, brown and black. Alternating pastel colours throughout the cabinets will give a modest contrast and create the most melodious appearance.

Stainless steel kitchen cabinets

Frequently used with the most fashionable style are the stainless kitchen cabinets as it perfectly complements all types of kitchen design. We always suggest going for stainless steel cabinets where clients disagree to go for vibrant colours because steel cabinets always make a classy and bold statement.

Metallic kitchen cabinets 

Trendy metallic cabinets are the most revolutionary one which gives an extraordinary style to your kitchen. To spice up the ultimate look of metallic cabinets you can add steel cabinets with metallic golden gushes that will enhance the style without requiring much decoration.

Mix and match of all

Mix and match of  all the other aforesaid components will give your kitchen a distinct and different look. You can combine several textures to create a very rare design for your kitchen as waren wood tone and rust brick fittings will give a perfect nature inspired look to your kitchen similarly stainless steel and golden colour fittings with white oak cabinets will create a royal style for your kitchen.

Lighting up the kitchen 

There is a continuous shift towards a brighter, lighter and illuminated setting for modern kitchens. Natural lights always play a significant role when it comes to due preference. Big windows will definitely increase the beauty of the kitchen however warm lights with yellow and white wavelengths will give a perfect choice for a kitchen. You can choose ample lighting designs that will match your purpose for example – pendant light, flush mount ceiling light, task lights, under cabinet lights, wall mounted kitchen lights, LED strips and many more. Also remember that layering of lights at the correct place is very important.

 Wallpaper for Kitchen

When it comes to cost effective design for a kitchen wallpaper is the best choice as it is cheaper than tiles. It gives colour, texture and design to any room. Washable wall papers are highly recommended for kitchens as they are much more durable. Fortunately , we at Decor and Design have a large stock of wipeable wallpapers with dynamic designs and colours which will raise the beauty of your kitchen to an ultimate height.

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