Those of us who live in apartments know that space is limited and the only place where we can breathe fresh air is on our balcony! When it comes to decorating your home, the balcony is frequently overlooked. If, on the other hand, you like to drink your morning coffee outside, you should give this location some serious consideration.

Balconies are private, lovely spaces that may be created to be as warm and inviting as the rest of your house. Because of the lack of attention given to them, Indian balcony designs are frequently under-explored and under-utilized. The best balcony design ideas, as much as they can be done with them, are those that allow the space’s natural look and feel to show through.

In Indian homes, balconies have a unique significance. Since time immemorial, these open spaces have been a part of our home interiors, when houses were created with big courtyards, open lawns, and stone sit-outs and benches that spanned the length of the outdoor area. They began to be made smaller and more confined in their space as time passed and due to a lack of space. Balconies are popular in today’s apartments and residences, but they aren’t always well-designed or decorated. Decor & Design help you in decorating the best modern balcony design for you. 

If done correctly, balconies look fantastic. Their sizes don’t matter, and a lot can be accomplished in small places with few resources. All it takes is a little inspiration, a few ideas, and a clear plan for putting everything together smoothly.

The shape of balconies is usually rectangular or square. However, there are also round ones. Others are made up of contiguous ones connected together, while others are just an extension of a window ledge. Below are a few amazing concepts to explore in Indian balcony designs ideas, regardless of the balcony interiors or available area. 

Here are the ways how our Interior design company helps you in decorating your balconies.

Make Your Own Lawn

Have you considered putting a lawn on your balcony? While real grass would have to be planned for early on in the construction process, it’s never too late to create the appearance of a lovely garden. You might choose a synthetic lawn that looks virtually as natural as a genuine lawn but requires less maintenance.

Make Use Of Your Green Garden

Even the simplest balcony can be transformed into an amazing garden. To turn your balcony into a green outdoor haven, use a variety of potted plants and planter boxes on the floor as well as in hanging pots, and make use of every inch of available space. Plants that require sunlight should be placed on the periphery. To create layers and intrigue, use an unusual combination of flowering plants, greens, and succulents. Don’t forget to water your garden on a regular basis and take good care of it after all your hard work. You don’t want your garden to be brown and dry.

With Storage Sitting Furniture

If your balcony is particularly small, or even tiny, a seat with some storage space inside is the way to go. The bench can be huge or little, long and narrow or have any other appearance; it all depends on the size and shape of your balcony. Choose a wooden design or even make the bench yourself using the colours and furnishings you already have. You can also add a matching ottoman with storage or some shelves over the bench for even more storage in a small space!

Planters with herbs, flowers, and succulents are a great way to give the sensation of being in the garden on a balcony – place them on the floor and walls. The first important thing is to find a seat, and here is where the balcony’s size comes into play. If you have limited room, a large floor cushion will suffice; however, if you have more, small chairs and a table that can be hung on the rail are the perfect option, and romantic dinners outside will be waiting for you! Perhaps a love seat or a small sofa with a blanket can be added to allow you to read books in comfort. Hanging lights or candle lanterns — it’s entirely up to you, your own preferences, and the ambience you want to create. 


Here you can get the various home interior design ideas that help in decorating your home and your balcony. Get the best balcony design for home and make your home attractive. You can make your home more attractive by our other services as well like a variety of curtains, wallpaper, carpet & rugs and more. Visit our store in Gurgaon and redesign your home.