Because Vastu Shastra promotes the flow of positive energy. According to Vastu Shastra, every direction a home faces—East, West, North, or South. All directions are excellent because each has its own set of benefits.

The kitchen, being the center of a home, has a unique position. has an effect on a family’s health and wealth. The design of a bedroom has an impact on one’s health, profession, and personal life. It is the way of life for those who live there. The placement of the puja room has an impact on the house’s prosperity. The way furniture is arranged in a space can change the energy balance, resulting in a favorable or negative impact on health and mental peace.

Placing mirrors in strategic locations throughout the home can help to promote health and happiness. The placement of water is critical for keeping good health and hygiene, and the color palettes chosen for each room of the house can have an impact on the mood or vibe of the space, and can be selected with a specific aim in mind.

In this blog you will get to know how important is the Vastu Sastra for your home and what is the value of it in different places of your house.

Know how Vastu Sastra gives positivity in every corner of your home

Bedroom Vastu tips

The master bedroom should be erected towards the South-West rather than the South-East, as the latter is regulated by the element of fire.

Consider a softer colour palette for a vastu-compliant style since this is a room to unwind, rest, and relax. Avoid using images that depict turmoil, strife, or war, as well as anything that evokes gloomy or negative emotions, in order to maintain the room’s relaxing atmosphere.

The bed should be positioned such that your head may rest to the south or east, as these directions promote healthy sleep and longevity. Mirrors should not be located inside the bedroom as they lead to frequent quarrels among the members of the house.

Vastu tips for Bathroom

According to ancient science, the bathroom is the most neglected part of the house, and when it is not kept clean, or needs repairs, it can be a space of negative energy.

It is imperative that the bathroom is located in a north-western direction, as this will aid in waste elimination.

It is important for the entrance door to be made from solid wood, instead of metal, as metal will encourage negativity and have negative effects on your health. Keep the bathroom door closed (especially when not in use) to prevent the energy from flowing into another room.

Decorative statues or religious symbols should not be displayed on the bathroom door. Beds that share a wall with the toilet can cause nightmares, as well as kitchens and prayer rooms, as these are signs of an unhealthy environment.

Vastu for Curtains:

Curtains are frequently used to protect an area from excessive heat and cold, as well as to make the room appear more attractive and adorned. Light-colored curtains are recommended for the bedroom, while dark-colored curtains, such as crimson, black, or dark grey, are recommended for the living room. In the negative zone of the house, you can always choose heavy, black curtains that coordinate with the furnishings. However, placing the wrong curtain in the wrong zone might bring diseases and issues in life, therefore seek a competent Vastu consultant before purchasing curtains for your home and follow their advice.

Vastu tips for placing Mirrors:

Those items that shine and reflect are known as mirrors. Whatever comes into contact with the mirror is reflected and multiplied. Mirrors should be used with caution, according to Vastu. Otherwise, it may result in losses and suffering. The use of mirrors in positive zones is beneficial to the family since it attracts optimism into one’s life. Mirrors must be placed east or north facing, according to Vastu Shastra regulations for interior decoration, so that all negative energy is washed out of the dwelling. Also, having a separate dressing room or a dresser with the mirror covered at night might lead to disagreements between the pair, which is why it is preferable to have a separate dressing room with the mirror covered at night.

Vastu tips for living room:

It is a place where friends and family can gather to enjoy the company of family members. It is necessary to create a space that is harmonious in order for positive and long-lasting relationships to be built. In order to create a sense of calm and affection, opt for lighter or pastel shades in this room.

  •     Keep the North-East corner of your living room/drawing room and adorn the room with potted plants and paintings showing nature or other relaxing scenes to generate positive energy and enhance tranquility.
  •     Using artificial flowers or storing dried flowers in the room is considered inauspicious, which will bring ill luck to the room

The Vastu tips  for Lighting

A house without lights is a place that is dark and depressing. However, lighting that is not done in accordance with Vastu Shastra can add to the darkness in the house and in people’s psyche. As a result, Vastu advice employing bright lighting in the home rather than broken or dim lights. If a light is broken, replace or fix it as soon as possible.


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