Woodwork & Laminates

Looking for wooden attire at home? Decor & Design in Gurgaon will help you end to end. Find out what our interior design team can do for your home or book a free consultation with us. We provide interior decorating ideas for the living room, the bedroom and the kitchen. Apart from designing complete modular kitchens, we also create beautiful wardrobes, timeless TV units, and space-saving furniture. With our efficient, customized home interiors, we incorporate your needs throughout your home, so you’re satisfied with your space no matter what.

Project designed & executed

How can you beautify your home by Decor & Design?

Making your home interiors a reflection of your personality and lifestyle is our goal. It’s more than just having a great looking house. We believe that your home should be a place that you and your family can enjoy spending time together and making memories in.

Your home space will be customized to meet your needs with our efficient, customized interior designs. With our dedicated team of home interior designers, we ensure a hassle-free experience for you, creating and executing the perfect interior design plan to tie your style with your home interiors.

Furthermore, Decor & Design make sure the materials used for the execution are of the highest quality. Furthermore, you can expect years of peace of mind with our unbeatable support and service, since all our products come with warranties. The services we offer include complete interior design, complete modular kitchens, stunning wardrobes, and modern and modular furniture designed to save you space. Our interior design team can provide a free estimate or consultation for beautiful home interiors. Kitchen, living room and bedroom wooden design ideas are available.

What are the benefits of using wooden material in home interior design?

Features of aesthetic appeal:

When considered as an aesthetic material, wood is an excellent decorative material. Depending on how the tree is sliced, each tree has its own color, design and aroma. Colors and designs can be found in a variety of wood materials. The surface can be painted with darker colors or varnished, and bright or matte touches can be added.

Properties of oxidation:

Even though wood exhibits some oxidation characteristics, its oxidation is different from that of metals. Rust occurs on metals, not on wood. It is preferable to use wood for such characteristics to avoid rust.

Properties of Work:

Repairs and maintenance of wood are straightforward. Special touches can rejuvenate old wood, but other materials are much more difficult and expensive to preserve and maintain. So, they are typically discarded.

The variant:

Thousands of types of wood exist around the world. Wood is different in density, structure, and microscopic properties. Consequently, these materials also exhibit different physical, thermal, acoustic, electrical, and mechanical properties. Consequently, wood has a variety of uses. Woods in lightweight are used for insulation and sound absorption, for instance. They are also utilized in construction projects.

Where can you use the wooden work at home and How Decor & Design help you

Hardwood floors

Parquet flooring is often seen in an interior with wood. Parquet floors give your home a hint of luxury and extra warmth. Parquet is typically made from planks of oak that have been varnished or oiled. Planks of different thicknesses, widths, and lengths are available. In addition, special shapes like herringbone patterns or mosaics are available.

Creating pannellings

Paneling can seem a bit out of date to some people. However, people can still find beauty in this wooden wall covering. Paneling is particularly beautiful in country settings.

Wooden Wardrobe and TV setup

Wooden wardrobe is always one of the useful things to store your clothes, shoes and many other items and also the best thing to avoid a messy house. The TV setup also provides a unique look and best for your decoration material as well.

Doorways and stairs

Most internal doors are made of wood, unless they are made with glass. Builders may choose to paint or leave the wooden structure as it is, whereas others choose to paint the doors.

Stairs are also affected by this. Wooden staircases are beautiful and easy to maintain. Paint gives your old stairs a new lease on life.

Kitchen cupboard

Kitchen cupboard is one of the most essential things to be there in the Kitchen and that is particularly made of wooden materials. This saves much space of your kitchen and keeps your kitchen more beautiful and makes it modular.

Decor & Design, a store in Gurgaon fulfills all your home interior design needs. You can directly visit the store and choose and design your house according to your own choice. 

Our Store also deals in wallpaper, curtain & blinds, carpets & rugs and many more items. You can personally visit the store and even customise your home interior and give your home an attractive look.